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Keeping in view of the rapid urbanization vis a vis the requirement of infrastructures, the Department has the Master Plans for Gangtok town, which envisages perspective planning. These objectives can be achieved through the broad strategies being adopted by the department.  Plans are being formulated to develop Gangtok Town as a Model City.

1. Integrated Housing & Slum Development of Notified Slum Area under BSUP, Rangpo, Gangtok-I,  JNNURM

 The State Government has embarked on an ambitious plan of making the State Slum Free. Following the target a flagship programme of the Government of India under JNNURM is being implemented which will provide a pucca house for the urban poor. The scope of the work includes 202 dwelling units with other infrastructural facilities. 


2. Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme at Singtam.

Singtam is the commercial hub of the State. Owing to the implementation of large hydro-power projects in the vicinity the population of the town has increased exponentially. The old drainage system of the town had outlived its useful life and the discharge having increased many folds the carrying capacity had to be increased to cater to the increased discharge. The main road passes through the town and there is a lot of conflict between the vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Thus to decongest the pedestrian traffic a river front walk way is being created which can also serve as the evening getaway and also a fishing deck for the locals.




Multi-Level Car Park at Deorali, Gangtok.

The growing urbanization in the state has led to the tremendous increase in the vehicular traffic volume. Gangtok being the capital all the important activities take place here. The migration from the rural areas is to Gangtok in search of opportunity to earn a better living. The state being on the hilly terrain there is a lack of space and there are no means to widen the roads within the built-up areas and hence there are heavy traffic congestions. There are no sufficient parking spaces that can be created around Gangtok. The traffic study shows that the maximum vehicles have been found at Deorali Junction. The commissioning of the car park for the inter-state taxis at Old Army Petrol Pump has mitigated the traffic jams towards Gangtok however the intra-state vehicles are now making it difficult to travel due to the jams. A location towards chorten has been identified for development of multi-level parking lot. This will accommodate about 85 light vehicles which will decongest the area to a certain extent. The work is under progress and is expected to be completed soon. 


4. Walkway Nam Nang, Gangtok   

A large number of tourists and locals walk through Nam Nang road towards Deorali or even an evening stroll to get the picturesque view of the hills and valleys. The view on a clear autumn, winter and early spring is breath-taking. It has been decided by the Government to develop this walk-way with view points, restaurant and cafeteria, toilet facility, provide benches, and have the solar lighting and allied activities. The work has commenced and is under progress. 






5. Improvement and Modification of Urban Roads in Gangtok, the State Capital of Sikkim. 

The newly developed M.G. Marg at Gangtok and the New Market has become a very big hit with the tourists as well as the locals. This has become a rendezvous for everyone. However the condition of the roads around Gangtok especially the arterial roads are in a sorry state. The road condition does not fare well in comparison to the development at the M.G.Marg. The visitors will take a bad image of the state as most of the hotels are located outside the main town and they definitely travel through one of these roads. The Government has decided to have these roads resurfaced with proper drainages in a phased manner. The works of six of the roads have been completed. The priority for the next set of roads has been decided and the work will commence soon.


6. Construction of Pedestrian Fly-overs at Deorali.

The tremendous increase in the vehicular traffic volume especially around Gangtok and its vicinity has started becoming a great cause of concern. The numbers of accidents have increased manifold and at times fatal. The area has a Deorali Girls’ Senior Secondary Schools and quite a few other private schools of primary level. A large number of school going children have to cross the busy roads along with other pedestrians. The chances of accidents are quite large. The State Government is very concerned about the safety of its citizen and has proposed to have pedestrian over-bridge at such places. The work for the same is underway and is expected to be completed soon.



7. Snow Lion Entry Gate at Rangpo

Rangpo being the most important entry point of Sikkim needs to have a grand entry into the State of Sikkim. It has been decided to have a Snow Lion, the mythological animal of the State, as the theme and accordingly the project is being implemented and is expected to be ready by year end.


 8. Kissan Bazaar at Gangtok.

Sikkim Government has decided to make the State an Organic State with the aim of producing low yield high value crops. The demand for the organic products has been gaining importance worldwide. The State has been successful in banning plastic and has earned accolades and the declaration of organic state will definitely achieve its goal in near future. The Government has decided to provide a market and the state of art facility for the producers to sell their organic products. With this aim the Government has taken up the construction of Kissan Bazaar at Gangtok and the work is under progress.


9. Improvement work in and around Mintokgang and construction of RCC retaining wall along JN Road 

The yard and the approach road to the official residence of the Hon’ble Chief Minister at Mintokgang had developed subsidence. The retaining structures constructed earlier were either dry bands or c.r.s.m. which had started showing signs of failure. Especially the retaining wall along JN Road was bulging and would collapse any moment. The compound wall was unbecoming of the official residence of the Head of the State Government. Thus, after inspection it was decided to provide an RCC retaining wall along JN Road which with back filling would serve as a yard for the Mintokgang. The road had been dug up and geo-synthetic materials were laid to arrest subsidence. The compound wall has been done and the designer railings put up to give a befitting look to the residence of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.



10. Integrated Housing and Slum Dev of Old Slaughter House Area under BSUP (PHASE-I & II). 

The State Government has embarked on an ambitious plan of making the State Slum Free. Following the target a flagship programme of the Government of India under JNNURM is being implemented which will provide a pucca house for the urban poor. The scope of the work includes 52 dwelling units with other infrastructural facilities like footpaths, drainage system, community centre etc.



11. Parking yard at Chandmari.

A large number of tourists visit the State every year and the most frequented tourist spot of the East District is Tsomogo Lake, Baba Mandir and Nathula pass. In order that these vehicles ferrying the tourists to these destinations used to originate in the main town thus leading to more congestions. Now with the construction of parking at Chandmari these vehicles ply from here and thus has helped in decongesting the town.


12. Upgradation and beautification of Makha and Rhenock Bazaars. 

The erstwhile M.G.Marg has been remodeled and made vehicle free. The entire town has been converted into a mall. This has been highly appreciated by the visiting dignitaries, no less than the Vice President of the country. The State Government has decided to upgrade all other smaller towns and bazaars to make them equally beautiful so that the tourists also visit such towns and the accruing benefits reach all sections of the society. Hence, Makha and Rhenock Bazaars have been beautified and these have been appreciated by all the visitors.


 13.Infrastructural facilities at Rangpo.

Rangpo is the gateway of Sikkim and almost 90% of the tourists visiting Sikkim enter through this town. With the implementation of large hydro power projects and numerous institutes located in the vicinity the population of the town has increased many folds. The infrastructural facility especially the drainage system had collapsed and there were regular blockages during the monsoon. The area being a low lying area the drainage system in place could not carry the discharge and thus a new drainage system is being constructed by the Government.


 14. Development and improvement of Urban Infrastructures at Mangan

 In the similar lines of Upgradation and beautification of different bazaars, the works for requisite urban infrastructures were taken up in the District Headquarter of North Sikkim. The works mainly comprises of development of parking, shopping centre, childrens’ park and other allied related urban infrastructures. The work is under progress and is expected to be completed within the stipulated period. This will be an added feature to the already existing infrastructure.


15 Rural Haat at Sombaria in West District


16. Const. of Rural Marketing Centre at Gyalshing

17.Carpeting and Drainage of Kaluk Bazar in West District.


18. Infrastructure Development and Beautification of Rinchenpong Bazaar (Typical Haat shed) in West Sikkim.


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