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NIT No.UD&HD/592 

For and on behalf of the Governor of Sikkim , Superintending Engineer, North-East Circle, Urban Development & Housing Department. Government of Sikkim, invites Sealed percentage rate Tenders from the eligible contractors of East District, enlisted as CLASS ‘IA’, under Sikkim Public Works Department. Government of Sikkim, having experience in such contractual works the work(s) listed hereunder:

Sl. No.

Name of Work

Work Value Put to Tender (Rs.)

Cost pof Tender Documents (Rs.)

Earnest Money @ 2.50% for issue of Tender Form Rs.)

Completion Time (Months)








Integrated Housing & Slum Development at Old Slaughter House Area, Gangtok, Phase - I




24 (twenty four)


1.  Dates for submission of application with challan towards cost of tender form and issue of tender documents excluding Tender Form: 2nd and 3rd of Sept., 2008.

2.  Date for issue of Fender Form (on production of TDR): 5 of Sept., 2008

3.  Date and time for submission of Tender Documents including Tender Form: 09th of Sept., 2008, 10 A.M. to 12 NOON.

4.  Date and time of opening of Tender: 09th of Sept., 2008, 1 P.M.

5.  Venue: Office of the Superintending Engineer (N/E), UD&HD, Housing Board Building, Church Road, Gangtok.




1. Tender is open only to the eligible Contractors of the appropriate Class within the district specified.


2. The intending tenderers/contractors should apply in writing for issue of tender documents. The application should invariably be signed by the contractor himself/herself. The tender documents will not he issued to the person other than the INTENDING TENDERS/ CONTRACTORS. The application shall he submitted for the work listed above with all required documents enclosed.


3. The intending tenderers/contractors are requited to obtain the “challan” from the Senior Accounts officer. UD&HD, Government of Sikkim. Gangtok, towards the cost of tender documents (non-refundable), as indicated in the table above (column 4), and deposit the amount under the receipt head “0045-OTD-800- Other Misc. Receipts.


4. The applications for issue of tender documents shall be enclosed with challan towards cost of tender documents as specified above and attested copies of the (a) Latest sales Tax Certificate/VAT. (b) Latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate and (c) Validated/Updated Contractor Enlistment Certificate. It is mandatory to produce original Validated/Updated Certificates mentioned above during sale/issue of the Tender documents for verification.


5. The Prescribed non-transferable Tender Documents (excluding the Tender Form) can be obtained during the period specified above from the Office of Superintending Engineer (N/E), Urban Development & Housing Department, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok on production of requisite challan duly deposited in the State Bank of Sikkim towards the Cost of Tender Document (non-refundable).


6. Earnest Money (EM) 2.5% duly deposited in the State Bank of Sikkim shall be in the form of T.D.R. in favor of Sr. Accounts Officer, Urban Development & Housing Department Government of Sikkim Gangtok. Tender Form shall be issued only on production of the T.D.R., as prescribed to those contractors or firms who have obtained the Tender Documents.


7. The Tender Documents including the Tender Form with quoted offer should be placed in a sealed cover with the name of the tenderer and the name of the work superscribed on it. Supporting documents listed at SI. No. 4 (a), (b), and (c) above should be enclosed with the offer.


8. Sealed Tenders may be deposited in the Tender Box in the office of the Superintending Engineer (N/E), Urban Development & Housing Department at specified venue on the date and within the time indicated above.


9. Tenders will be opened by the Tender Opening Committee in the presence of the tenders on the date and time indicated above.


10. The Tenderers should sign on every page of the tender document as acceptance of the General Directions and Conditions of Contract and other laid down norms. The rate quoted should be both in figures and words and should he inclusive of Sale Tax VAT and all other Taxes. Over writing and corrections should be avoided and if it occurs, should be authenticated with initial/signature of the Tenderer. Incomplete/Conditional tender shall be rejected forthwith.


11. In caseof any discrepancy in rate(s) printed in the schedule of Rates & Quantities issued with the tender documents, the rates as per approved standard Schedule of Rates will be taken as correct. For items outside the SOR, the rates shall be as per the technically checked and approved estimate/analysis.


12. The offer shall remain valid for a period of 90 days. The work should commence within 7 days from the date of issue of Work Order and no extension of time shall be granted.


13. The Department reserves the right to alter the quantity and items of the work as well as total cost of the work during execution of work.


14. This NIT shall form part of the agreement.


15. The Department reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons thereof. 


Superintending Engineer (N/E)

Urban Development & Housing Department

Church Road, Gangtok

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